New Block I Apparel for Illinois Fans!

New Block I Apparel for Illinois Fans!

The student section at The University of Illinois, Block I, is back! To kick off the first home game this year, Saturday, August 28, students showed their Illini pride by repping the new Block I apparel at the game. 

The Print: Our team at Campus Ink worked together to create a tshirt and a jersey for students.

The shirt was an 8 color print! Designed by Broc Anthony and printed by Cregan Billhymer. The average screen printed apparel has 1-4 ink colors, so this shirt required extra attention to detail.

Design: Software's like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator are how we create designs. This design is inspired by the football stadium at U of I, The Memorial Stadium. The statue in the left of the design is Harold "Red" Grange, a legend U of I football player from 1924. Read more about the statue here. The statue on the right is Dick Butkus, a football legacy who lead the Illini to the 1963 Big Ten title and a Rose Bowl victory over Washington. Read more about the statue here. Behind the two statues is the Grange Grove sign, a tailgating spot at the stadium. 

Printing: After the design process the next step is printing. This design uses simulated process printing. It is separated into different layers so that our production team can prepare the correct screens to bring this print to life. Learn more about simulated process printing here.

The jersey is designed by Nick Winter, Head of business development at Clubhouse Athletic. Clubhouse is our sister company that creates custom sportswear. This jersey was created using a process called sublimation. Sublimation allows a design to be printed over the entire item of clothing. We use it mostly for sportswear and masks. Check out other baseball jersey designs by Clubhouse.